Ware Police Department introduces new DART program

The Drug Addiction Recovery Team (DART) Officer program is a collaborative effort with Hampshire County HOPE.  Members are patrol officers who volunteer to be part of this program in addition to their regular patrol duties.  They attended an orientation meeting with representatives from Hampshire HOPE, Urgent Care, Tapestry Health, and Providence Hospital.
The Ware Police Department has information regarding local resources for people who are struggling with narcotics addiction. DART officers review log activities and identify people who have engaged in high risk behavior as a result of narcotics addiction, work to meet with the person, offer resources, and may even transport a person to a local treatment facility.  Contact within 48 hours and follow-up are additional support.  DART officers keep records of all their activities.    
The Ware Police Department is committed to best serving all of our citizens.  We recognize that narcotics addiction is a disease.  We further recognize that attempting to provide intervention when people are at high risk is an important strategy to combat this epidemic.