Full-Time Employee Benefits

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OPEN ENROLLMENT - 5/1/21-5/29/21

Health Insurance

Effective 7/1/21, The Town will offer the following plan options for active employees and retirees who are not eligible for Medicare:
     Access Blue New England Saver II
     Preferred Blue PPO Saver II

Please see the following document for further information on the new plans as well as a comparison to the current plans:
     FY22 Health Insurance Renewal - BCBS & Non-Stop Wellness

Following are the premium rate schedules for FY21 and FY22:
                   Health Insurance Rates FY21
                   Health Insurance Rates FY22

Remember to consider the Health Insurance Opt-Out Program.
This program will provide up to a $4,000 stipend for those currently on Ware health insurance coverage who obtain alternative coverage through a spouse or qualified alternative.  Click here for policy details.

Dental Insurance
The Town offers dental insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Beginning 7/1/19, the plan offered will be
Dental Blue Freedom and employees will be able to choose coverage at the tiers listed below.

Employee pays 100% of premiums.
Monthly Premiums for FY21 are:                            Monthly Premiums for FY22 are:
     Individual     $  44.87                                                  Individual          $  44.87
     Double           $  95.61                                                 Double               $   95.61
     Family            $133.78                                                 Family                $ 133.78

Vision Insurance
The Town offers vision insurance through VSP Vision.

Employee pays 100% of premiums.
Monthly Premiums for FY21 are:                             Monthly Premiums for FY22 are:
     Individual     $ 7.43                                                      Individual           $ 7.43
     Double          $10.77                                                     Double                $10.77
     Family           $19.31                                                     Family                 $19.31

Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance
The Town offers a $5,000 Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance policy with a monthly premium of $3.60, of which the Town pays 90% ($3.24), and the employee pays 10% ($.36).

Upon retirement, this policy converts to a $2,000 Life policy.