Beaver Activity Endangering Public Health

Residents can apply to the Board of Health for a 10 day permit to trap or install water control devices in situations where specific threats to health are occurring. Upon receipt of an application, Health department staff review and may also conduct a site visit.
The Boards sole responsibility is to act on an application by a Ware resident seeking a permit to breach a dam, install a flow pipe through a dam, or to trap and/or use outlawed traps out of the normal trapping season. In determining whether to issue such a permit to the applicant, the applicant must prove that the conditions caused by the dam meet the emergency criteria outlined in M.G.L. C. 131, § 80A .

The Board does not implement the permit, or hire workers to perform the work, and does not seek permission of the owner of the property on which the dam sits. Initial permits are valid for 10 days, and may be renewed only up to a total of 30 days. During the second two periods, the applicant must contact the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife for a permanent plan of action.