BoH Minutes 5/25/10

Ware Board of Health Meeting Minutes
May 25, 2010

Present:        Joseph Ciejka, Chairman
                Donna Rucki
Absent: Michael Juda                            
In Attendance:  Judy Metcalf, Betty Barlow
Meeting was called to order by Mike at 6:00pm

Ira & Simone Cameron of 51 James Road are present in regards to Nuisance at 50 James Road that has been ongoing about 1 year at this abandoned property.  Judy informed them the town is in the process of taking the property for tax title and once the town does have possession we could clean it up a place a lien on the property however this would probably take a couple more months.  Ira states that vegetation is taking over the property even growing into the home through the broken windows.  He also stated he went to the Community Development meeting last week and was told they did have the funds to clean this up but would require Board of Health orders to do so.  Judy informed him we would need to serve the owners before we could do that and we have not been able to track them down.  She will contact Town Counsel to find out if legal to post a notice on the property, possibly on door, fence and mailbox, stating the boards' intentions to clean & lien within certain time frame.


1.       Judy updated the board on the site assessment of the former Morin Farm Landfill @ Upper North Street & Sheehy Road.  
2.      The board discussed euthanize of stray cats when someone calls the office.  Donna questioned whether the pound accepts stray cats & dogs that appear to be domestic and look into finding a new owner or putting up for adoption.  The Ware River News used to have a section with a picture of a dog that had been found to notify owner or put up for adoption.  It was determined Judy will send letter to Town Manager Mary T. requesting the procedure for the pound.  

Action Items:

1.      Donna motioned to approve meeting minutes of 4/12/10, Joe seconded, all in favor.
2.      Signed septic permits @ 98 Coffey Hill Road for Peter Braster & Heather Britt, 242 Monson Turnpike Road for Len Sansoucy and 25 Bacon Road for Gladys Boss.

Donna motioned to not set date for a Board of Health meeting until September unless emergency, Joe 2nd, all in favor.

Donna motioned to adjourn meeting at 6:40PM, Joe 2nd, all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Betty Barlow
Administrative Assistant