Veterans' Park

honor guardVeterans' Park, Main Street - At the intersections of Routes 9 and 32, adjacent from Town Hall, our Veterans' Park greets the public. Once the site of the Mansion House hotel, the Veterans' Park footprint pays homage to the former landmark. The Mansion House was destroyed by fire in 1975 and Veterans' Park was constructed in its place in 1985. Over the years, as the ground settled, the brick walkways became uneven and pooling water threatened the park's monuments. In 2005, Ware received a state grant for part of the renovation project and voted to raise the remaining balance locally. Veterans' Park renovations were completed in 2008 to its current glory; giving testimony to how deeply Ware values its Veterans - past and present. In 2011, when Ware celebrated its 250th anniversary of incorporation, a Memorial Day parade culminated at Veterans' Park and a monument to our Revolutionary soldiers was dedicated by the Ware Historical Commission.