How Can you Help?

How you can help!
Protecting subwatershed areas can be an exciting and enjoyable journey. By infusing a bit of fun and creativity into our efforts, we can inspire more people to join the cause and make a positive impact on our environment. So, let's get out there, explore, and protect the wonderful world of subwatersheds!


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Dog poop, seemingly insignificant, hides an environmental menace that often goes unnoticed. Picking up after your pooch is just one of the ways you can help our Muddy Brook watershed. When left unattended, dog poop can wash into storm drains and eventually seep into water bodies, polluting them with harmful bacteria and nutrients.

Scooping the poop is not just about the mess- it's about clean water and the health of our community. Waste from our pups contains more harmful bacteria than other wildlife and twice as much as human waste!

What can you do?

Bring doggie bags with you on walks
Never use dog waste as fertilizer
Throw your dog waste bags in the trash not the storm drains

Healthy Waterways Start at Home!  

Embrace your green thumb and transform your backyard into a native plant paradise. Be the master of native flora and fauna, creating a mini subwatershed oasis in your own yard!

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Plant a Rain Garden!
Locate it in a natural low spot where it can intercept runoff from streets, driveways and walkways. Keep it at least 15 feet away from building foundations. For more information, check out:
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