Visioning, Branding & Wayfinding Project

Various businesses and organizations have different messages and target audiences, and this branding guide can be tailored to suite your individual business needs.

Use the links below to access the branding materials. If you are looking for branding resources (logos, pictures, etc.), please read the Style Guide Brochure and Presentation below.

If you have any questions about the use of these materials, please contact either the Planning & Community Development Department or the Ware Business & Civic Association.

In September 2014, the Town of Ware, with generous funding from the Edward and Barbara Urban Foundation, hired Arnett Muldrow & Associates (AMA) to work with us to accomplish four things:

  • Define a vision for Ware’s future (visioning);
  • Identify the image our community wishes to project (community identity and branding);
  • Perform a market analysis to define what Ware’s market area is and identify any gaps in our business mix; and
  • Design a wayfinding system to help residents, business owners, and visitors to find their way to various destinations in town

AMA visited Ware several times in and spoke with many people about their vision for Ware and our community identity. Then, they created a brand position statement, designed a graphic identity, and created a tag line (Ware:  Somewhere Worth Seeing) to represent Ware in all marketing efforts (within and beyond Town). AMA's work culminated on November 13, 2014 with a presentation of their recommendations for these elements. The elements have been finalized and you can access them by the links above. The Final Report and related products were produced in 2015.