West Street Corridor Study

West Street Corridor Study (2022)

With funding through the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affair's (EOEEA) Planning Assistance Grant, the Town was able to hire a consultant to conduct a build out analysis with a traffic operations component for West Street. The study area runs from the intersection of routes 9 and 32 all the way down to the Ware Public Schools. The consultant awarded to carry out the project was Pare Corporation with McCabe Enterprises as their subcontractor. 

The West Street Corridor Study was initially conceived because the Town wanted to have an idea what the future could look like for the busiest commercial corridor in the Ware. With the reports generated by the consultants, the Town will be better able to shift future developments and roadway design to accommodate the sprawl taking place along the West Street Commercial Corridor. The consultants also equipped the Town with suggested funding sources to carry out most of the initiatives identified in the consultant's memos. 

Click HERE to view the reports created by Pare Corporation (traffic operations and funding memos) and McCabe Enterprises (Building Out and Market Analysis).