These are the recent projects that have been submitted for review by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). If you have any questions or would like to see a hard copy of any applications or plans, please contact the Planning and Community Development Office.

Zoning Board of Appeals Recent Filings 2022

SP-2022-09: Antroy Cleghorn
Turning 8100 SF building into 3- condominium units of 1600 SF each, which will be available for lower income families
Revised Plans
Revised Site Plan

V-2022-02: Antroy Cleghorn 
Variance request to turn an 8100 sqft building into five condominium units of 1600 sqft each which will be available for low income families

Application/Site Plan
Revised Plans
Revised Site Plan

Decision for SP-2022-09 & V-2022-02 Here

A-2202-01: Paul Moryl
Appeal Request

V-2022-01: Yasser Fares
Variance request to construct a car port on western side of house within the side yard setback

Zoning Board of Appeals Filings 2021

Special permit to operate a machine shop out of a vacant manufacturing building at 26 Crescent Street.
Allan Coolong

Appeal filed against decision from Zoning Enforcement Officer regarding loam processing at 40 Fisherdick Road.
Town Manager via Neighbors

Zoning Board of Appeals Filings 2020

54 Chestnut Street. Variance request for garage.
Site Plan

30 Shoreline Drive-Variance request for garage.
Site Plan.
Revised Site Plan

Appeal 2020-01
13 3rd Ave Appeal

SP-2020-06 & V-2020-03
Special Permit & Variance Application