Local Licensing Authority (LLA)

The Ware Selectboard is the Local Licensing Authority (LLA) for the Town of Ware.  ABCC, Common Victualler, Entertainment, Automatic Amusement, Lodging and Class I, II, III Licenses are renewed annually.  Renewal applications are typically mailed in October each year and due back to the department no later than November 30th.  Missing information, unpaid taxes and department review signatures may delay your license renewal.

One-Day Liquor, Toll Road, and Special Event Permit Applications are required to be submitted to the department no later than 30-days prior to event date.  A joint meeting with department heads may be required.  Please review the application in full and obtain necessary signatures PRIOR to submittal.  Once the application is deemed complete, it will be placed on the next Selectboard's agenda for review and consideration.  If approved, a Certificate will be signed and issued.    

The following licenses are approved by the Selectboard, acting as the Local Licensing Authority and maintained through the Town Manager's Executive Assistant's Office:
All Alcohol Restaurant
All Alcohol Club
Wine & Malt Restaurant
Wine & Malt General-on-Premise
All Alcohol Package Store
Wine & Malt Package Store
Common Victualler
Automatic Amusement Device
Class I, II and III Car Dealer
Toll Road Permit
Special Events

The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) is the State agency which oversees the alcoholic beverages industry and works with local licensing authorities to provide licenses, enforcement of regulations, and resolve license issues.  The website of the ABCC provides application procedures, current advisories related to the Governor's Orders and Covid-19 information, plus all contact information of the ABCC staff.

Please call the Executive Assistant's Office more information.
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