Selectmen Minutes March 6, 2007

Town of Ware Selectmen Meeting
March 6, 2007

7:00 P.M. Meeting called to order by Chairman John Desmond.

Karen Brearley, Selectmen’s Secretary made note of the following persons who were present at the meeting: Chairman; John Desmond, Vice Chairman; Catherine Buelow – Cascio,  Selectman Gerald Matta, Selectman Nancy Talbot, Selectman Richard Norton, Town Administrator; Steven Boudreau, Police Chief; Dennis Healey, COA Director; Beth Kaltner, Allison Genetelli; Insurance, David Kopacz; Conservation Chairman, Ware River News; Republican; Chris Hamel, Camera Person; Stanley Ciukaj. ;     
Concerned Citizens: William Kirkham, Jenna Garvey, Martha Klassanos

7:30 P.M. – Police Chief Dennis Healey spoke on the Cruiser Policy:
Chief Healey explained the Cruiser Policy.
Board questioned how many vehicles were needed, and had a few questions on the policy.
Selectman Buelow-Cascio questioned who maintained the vehicles? And felt needed to look at someone to maintain them.
Selectman Norton questioned the need for too many officers on duty, and the need for 7 vehicles. Chief Healey explained why there was a need for the officers. Selectman Norton suggested to get more information before going forward with the policy.
Chairman Desmond commented to have the Board submit their comments and it would be discussed at the end of month.   

Selectman Talbot made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to have further discussion on this and table till March 2, 2007. All in Favor 5-0.

Chairman Desmond read the memo from Mass Motorcycle Assoc. and Chief Healey was there to comment on it.
Selectman Matta made a motion second by Selectman Buelow-Cascio to declare the last week of March through the last week of April 07 Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period in Massachusetts, and to grant authorization for the Association to place a 2’ x 8” sign at a location to be determined, and to appoint the Public Safety Official to work with the coordination of this event.  All in Favor 5-0

Police Chief Healey commented he received the list from civil service, and the reappointment list. Chief Healey commented he also received a $5,000 grant for new telephone system regarding receiving cell phone calls, and would be getting the new equipment in April.

8:00 P.M. – Allison Genetelli gave brief update on the Health Insurance for the Town.

8:30 P.M. – David Kopacz recommended the Board to approve the appointment of the Conservation Commission Agent Jenna Garvey. Mr. Kopacz spoke on the candidate, and commented she was very highly trained. Ms. Garvey also let the Board know of her back round and skills. Martha Klassanos told the Board she highly recommended Jenna Garvey as well.
Selectman _Norton made a motion seconded by Selectman __Matta_ to approve the appointment of Jenna Garvey as the Commissions Conservation Agent for a part time term of 19 hrs week with no benefits at $20 an hr. All in Favor 5-0

Approval of Minutes:
February 13, 2007
Selectman _Norton_ made a motion seconded by Selectman __Talbot_ to approve the minutes with discussion of corrections of February 13, 2007.  All in Favor 5-0

Approval of Consent Agenda:
Approval for Knights of Columbus One Day Liquor License for March 10, 2007
Selectman __Norton_ made a motion seconded by Selectman _Talbot__ to approve the One Day Liquor License for Knights of Columbus for March 10, 2007 from 4:00 P.M. to Midnight. All in Favor 5-0

Comments and Concerns of Citizens: None

New Business Items/Old Business Items:

Steven Boudreau asked the Board to open and set Annual & Special Town Meeting May 2007.
Steve Boudreau explained

Selectman __Matta_ made a motion seconded by Selectman __Buelow-Cascio to call the Special Town Meeting for May 7, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. at the Ware High School. All in Favor 5-0

Selectman Matta_made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to call the Annual Town Meeting for May 7, 2007 at 7:30 P.M. at the Ware High School Auditorium. All in Favor 5-0

Selectman Matta_made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to open the May 7, 2007 Annual Town Meeting and Special Town Meeting Warrants at 7:15 P.M. March 6, 2007 and close them March 20, 2007 at 12 noon. All in Favor 5-0

Chairman Desmond brought up discussion on the establishing a late fee for overdue water and sewer bills.
Chairman Desmond made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to set a 14% for late bills and Municipal Faculties.
 Selectman Norton made a motion seconded by Selectman Buelow-Cascio for everyone to pay 14% who are delinquent and other issues can be dealt with later.
Selectman Norton withdrew his motion Seconded by Selectman Matta and said to add second part for all municipal to pay late fee starting in May.
Chairman Desmond withdrew his motion and commented people needed to pay their late bills.

Selectman Norton made a motion seconded by Selectman Matta to have Municipal and
School charged at same rate.
Steve Boudreau recommended doing this in FY08
Selectman Norton amended his motion to do this in FY08 All in Favor 4- Yes, 1- No (Chairman Desmond)
Chairman Desmond felt this should be put on the table as it would be wise to wait and see how much the actual billing was and to check with the DPW Director Gilbert St-George Sorel.
Selectman Norton made motion seconded by Selectman Matta to have a $50 fee for backflow starting April 2007. All in Favor 5-0

Discussion on Snow & Ice Removal Authorization to Exceed Appropriation
Steve explained
Selectman Talbot made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to expend funds in excess of the appropriation for Snow and Ice removal pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 44, Section 31D. All in Favor 5-0.

Request for Subordination from Mr. Paul Hills CCD Director
Selectman Norton made a motion seconded by Selectman Matta to authorize the assignment of proceeds to the new mortgage from GE Money Bank, and authorize Executive Director of the Ware Community Development department to execute the necessary documents on behalf of the Town. All in Favor 5-0

Board to authorize Senior Center Project Contract to Houle Construction
Steve Boudreau read letter from Attorney Hays (See Attached)
Selectman Matta_Made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to authorize the Senior Center Project Contract to Houle Construction. All in Favor 4-0 Yes, 1- No Chairman Desmond
Steve Boudreau would draft letters to winner and losers of bid.

Tabled Business Items:
MMA Action Request
Chairman read the MMA Action Request and had concern about the restaurant meal tax and suggested to get more information on this.
Chairman Desmond made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to Table the MMA Action Request. All in Favor: 5-0

New business:

Chairman Buelow-Cascio commented on the governor and the budgets. Chairman Desmond talked about trying to change rates in the town, and the town to elevate costs. Selectman Buelow-Cascio felt there needed to be direction on the Town in cutting budgets, and to look at what selectmen can do to save.

Selectman Buelow-Cascio let every one know the Dog Officer announced there would be a Rabies Clinic which would be April 7, 2007 from 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. at the Highway Barn. The fee will be $10.00 and no checks allowed just cash. Cats must be in carriers and dogs must be on a leash. Also need to bring previous paperwork. The Palmer Animal Clinic will be doing the immunizations.
8:16 P.M. Chairman Desmond_made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to adjourn Regular Session and enter into Executive Session (M.G.L. Chapter 39, S.23B) to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining or litigations, and not to return to Open Session. Roll Call Vote: John Desmond-Aye, Catherine Buelow-Cascio-Aye, Gerald Matta-Aye, Richard Norton-Aye, Nancy Talbot-Aye.

Prepared By,

Karen Brearley