Municipal Finance

Tracy Meehan, Town Accountant x106
                 Ashley Walker, Treasurer/Collector x121

Address: 126 Main Street - Suite B, Ware, MA 01082-1370
Main Phone: (413) 967-9648
Assistant Treasurer Fax: (413) 967-6152
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00

Staff Directory
Name                                  Title                                        Telephone (413)
Darlene M. Gildert          Assistant Treasurer               967-9648 x102
Amy Przypek                    Payroll & Benefits Dept.      967-9648 x104


  • Receive and invest all Town funds, State & Federal receipts (Custodian of Public Funds), and Trust Funds
  • Answer inquiries from the public, property owners, lawyers, financial institutions, and State Agencies
  • Prepare departmental budgets & annual reports
  • Process payroll, deductions, and related State & Federal Reports
  • Coordinate employee benefits
  • Issue short and long-term debt authorized at Town Meeting
  • Timely payment of ALL Town bills
  • Develop investment & borrowing strategies based on a review of financial and investment consultations with investment bankers & advisors