Useful Links for Residents

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Whether you recently moved to Ware or have been here for years, your local government is here to help!
Below are some useful resources and tips for residents who live in Town.

Town and Government 
The Town has several boards and municipal workers who are working for your best interests.
Click the link above to learn more about Ware's local government officials.

Parks & Recreation 
The Parks and Rec Commission is responsible the various parks and fields throughout the Town.
To find out more about the Commission, click the link above.

Schools Nationally Ranked
The Ware Public Schools are nationally ranked.
Check out the statistics by clicking the link above.

Public Health and Safety
The Ware Health Department has several resources available to Town residents. 
If you are curious about the Board of Health and what resources are available, click here.
Other resources are available below as well:
Domestic Violence Services
Emergency Preparedness
Fire Prevention
Burning Information & Permits
Animal Control

Seniors - Council on Aging
The council on aging is responsible for the elderly population within the Town of Ware.
They seek to improve the quality of life for seniors while hosting local in-person events.
Click the link above to learn more.

Taxes & Financial
If you ever have any questions pertaining to taxes and municipal finance, feel free to reach out.
Click the link above to learn more about municipal finance and taxes in Town.