Duties and Responsibilities


> Analyze the real estate market conditions and events to determine trends and changes in the market.

> Certify Abutters Lists for various departments.

> Collect and analyze income and operating expense data for commercial/industrial properties.

> Commit motor vehicle excise tax bills to the Tax Collector for tax billing.

> Commit preliminary and actual Real Estate and Personal Property assessments to the Tax Collector for tax billing.

> Conducts a Classification Hearing before the Board of Selectmen.

> Conduct cyclical inspections every nine (9) years set forth by the Department of Revenue.

> Input all property sales from deed transfers.

> Maintain and update assessment maps.

> Maintain deed transfers from Hampshire County Registry of Deeds.

> Maintain property record cards.  

> Maintains confidentiality on information pertinent to office.

> Perform apportionments by request on subdivision plans.

> Perform interim adjustments annually set forth by the Department of Revenue.

> Revalue property every five (5) years set forth by the Department of Revenue.

> Review and act upon abatement applications.

> Review and act upon exemption applications for qualifying elderly, widowed, blind, or veterans' with 10% or more disability.

> Review and act upon motor vehicle abatement applications.

> Review and approve applications for Chapter Land.

> Review and inspect properties from building permits issued by the Building Department.

> Review parcels involved in the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) agreements.

> Set the tax rate (Approved by the Department of Revenue).

> Submit a variety of reports to the Department of Revenue (DOR) annually.

> Submits monthly reports to other departments.

> Submits rollback taxes to Tax Collectors Office on Chapterland.


The Assessors do not make the laws.   The Assessors are governed by the MA General Laws. The Department of Revenue establishes the various guidelines and regulations to implement that legislation.  
The Assessors do not control property values.  The rise and fall of the real estate market determines property values.

The Assessors do not determine taxes.  The actual amount you pay in taxes is determined by the local operating budget (approved at Town Meeting) that reflects the funds to be raised through the levy and additional funds from other sources such as state and local receipts.

The Assessors do not collect taxes.  The Tax Collectors Office handles all payments.

The Assessors do not answer questions that pertain to another town department. We will gladly direct you to the proper department.