Board Members

Name Title Term
Gerald F. Fountain Jr Chairman 2025
Theodore P. Balicki Member 2026
Devin Peterson Member/Clerk 2024

FY24 Property Value Notice

On Nov 3, 2023, the Department of Revenue (DOR) informed the Ware Board of Assessors they have granted preliminary certification to our proposed Fiscal Year 2024 assessments.  The proposed values will be available for public viewing beginning Nov 8th through Nov 15th from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.  Full Disclosure Notice

The Board of Assessors is composed of three (3) Assessors who are elected by the Voters. The terms of office are staggered to provide for the election/re-election of one (1) Assessor every three (3) years

The Assessors are required by Massachusetts Law to list and value all real and personal property. The valuations are subject to ad valorem taxation on the assessment roll each year. The “ad valorem” basis for taxation means that all property should be taxed “according to value”. Assessed values in Massachusetts are based on “full and fair cash value”, or 100 percent of fair market value.

Assessors are required to submit these values to the Department of Revenue for certification every five (5) years. In the years between certification, Assessors must also maintain the values. The Assessors review sales and the market every year thereby reassessing values annually which is called an Interim Adjustment.

The Assessors Office maintains a database of each parcel of property in the town and classifies the property according to its use (Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Personal Property).

In addition to Real Estate and Personal Property, the Department administers, Chapterland Applications, Deeds, Exemptions and Abatements, Inspections of Building Permits, Motor Vehicle Excise Tax, and Mapping Updates and Information.

For more information click on the Duties and Responsibilities link.

Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Rate:

Residential: $16.33
Commercial, Industrial & Personal Property: $16.33

The Assessors Office is available to assist customers during regular office hours and are happy to help in filling out forms, applications, or answer questions.