Electrical Inspector

Contact:   Donald Manseau
                  Electrical Inspector

                  Christen Carter
                  Building Department Administrator
                  413-967-9648 x 113               

Address: 126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082

Electrical Permits:
Electrical Fee Schedule
Application for Electrical Work     
Please include an email address on permit applications.

Applications for Electrical Permits can now be submitted through our online permitting system - Viewpoint.

General Information:
All applications must be legible and complete with correct date and information pertaining to work performed and must include a Utility Authorization Number (if applicable).

Upgrade or new electrical 400AMP service will require load calculations to be submitted with the application.

All residential fees include one rough inspection and one final inspection.  Any additional inspections will be $40.00 each (overhead service).

All other inspection fees will be reviewed by the Electrical Inspector.

All Electrical Permits expire one year from date of permit application submission.

All mechanical grounds shall be made up in all boxes before the rough inspection.

A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be on file unless a waiver disclosure is signed by the property owner (MGL c141, s8).

A Workers Compensation Affidavit must be on file or submitted with the application.  Even if the electrician is a sole proprietor.