Public Works

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Important Notices:

Yard Waste Dates from 9am to 2pm ROBBINS ROAD COLLECTION SITE

The Town will be accepting leaves, branches, and vegetative debris from Ware yard and property cleanup. Residents will not be required to get a permit for this drop-off and disposal but the debris must be from Ware properties dropped off by property owners or contractors who have been hired to clean Ware properties. Users should be prepared to provide identification that verifies that they are Ware citizens or working for Ware citizens.

Sunday, April 25
Saturday, May 1
Sunday, May 9
Saturday, May 15

Rules for Disposal

  1. Leaves and yard waste only will be accepted. Absolutely no trash or other items will be accepted.
  2. Maximum size of branches is 12 inches in diameter. No exceptions.
  3. Residents are limited to two pick up sized trailer loads only per property address.
  4. Users must be a Ware resident or contractor hauling for a Ware resident. Positive identification may be required for entrance to the site.
2020 Water Quality Report is now available. The report is available (link below) click on top left green tab marked "Water Consumer Confidence Report." A paper copy can be made available upon request at the DPW office.

Department of Public Works is open to public access but Face Mask is required to Enter. Thank you for your cooperation.

Effective May 1, 2020 Water and Sewer payments will be collected in the Tax Collectors Office.  All usage inquiries and service questions are still handled by the Water Department.

Meter Reading began March 29, 2021 for Billing Cycle 2, usage period January - March, to be mailed out May 7, 2021 payable by June 4, 2021. Bills are available to pay online.


Wood Distribution List Status:  Click Here

The Town of Ware is considering the submission of a new funding application with the USDA Rural Development program for the Barnes Street Water Filtration Plant (WFP). This webpage has been created to provide access to information to the residents of Ware that may have questions about this project. Check back soon for more updates. (Link below)

Contact:   Gilbert St. George-Sorel, Director of Public Works
                   Kayleigh Goodrow, Administrative Assistant
Address: Director's Office - 4 1/2 Church Street
Highway Division - 18 Mechanic Street
Ware, MA 01082
Phone: 413.967.9620
Fax: 413.967.9622
Highway Phone: 413.967.9623
Waste Water Treatment Plant Phone: 413.437.5852
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM  TYPICALLY CLOSED FROM 12:00 PM TO 1:00 PM FOR LUNCH.
Director & Water Dept., 4 1/2 Church Street
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Highway Supervisor
If you are needing immediate assistance with a Water/Sewer Emergency after hours please call the Local Police Line 413-967-3571 as this is a non medical emergency.  

Name                                  Title
Andy Lalashius                 Water Supervisor
Chuck Niedzwiecki          Highway Supervisor
David Comeau                  Chief Plant Operator WWTP

Mission Statement
Provide the residents of the Town of Ware with high quality cemetery, highway, water and wastewater services.


The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has put out guidance on flushing the water lines in buildings and residences that may have been shut down for a period or used less frequently.  Their guidance can be found on their website:

Also, the Louisville Water System produced a great video instructing building owners how to flush their lines.  Here is the link:


The Zone Index Map will show the areas where the hydrant flushing will be conducted.  The Flushing Zone Street Index will list which streets are in each zone.  For more information about hydrant flushing, follow the link on the left, Flushing Information.

Hydrant flushing will continue on Thursday May 6th during the day in Zone 4.

The following streets will be flushed:

West Main St (Between Vernon St and Wildflower Dr)
Boivin Ave
Mattson Blvd
Gould St
Pleasant Terrace
Vlontis Ave
Clinton St
Eagle St
Warebrook Dr
Dora St  

The following is an estimated completion date for each zone:
Zone 1:  4/23/21
Zone 2:  4/30/21
Zone 3:  5/4/21
Zone 4:  5/10/21
Zone 5:  5/11/21

The length of time a hydrant is flushed depends on several factors including the type of material of the pipe, the length of pipe being flushed, the condition of the pipe and the overall color of the water.  Hydrants can be flushed between 15 minutes and several hours.  Each hydrant is flushed until only clear water comes out.  Please be patient.  It takes over a month to complete the flushing program.  

Effective February 1, 2020
Water: $36.00 per quarter base rate included first 500 cubic feet of water. $5.75 per hundred cubic feet unit for all subsequent metered water use
Sewer: $44.00 per quarter base rate included first 500 cubic feet of water. $5.25 per hundred cubic feet unit for all subsequent metered sewer use

Current Projects

1. Main Street Project - contractor working on water services - ONGOING
2. Old Belchertown Road Bridge Project - repair Old Belchertown Road Bridge - Chapter 90 Project request submitted - PV $250,000.00 - Construction has started - COMPLETION BY END OF THE YEAR.

Final Water/Sewer Bills
If you are closing on your home and need a Final Water/Sewer bill please see the Downloadable Forms Tab to complete the Water and Sewer Closing Form. Please submit form ten business days prior to closing date. 

PLEASE DO NOT Flush Non-Toilet Paper Items

Toilet Paper: Due to the shortage of toilet paper at stores, some people may seek alternative to toilet paper.  This could include baby wipes, paper towels, rags, or other cotton products.  After using said products, the first instinct would be to flush these items down the toilet.  THAT IS A BAD IDEA!  These alternate products will create blockages within the sewer pipes creating a back-up such that the waste water will return back into your house, or your neighbors'. It will create a very large mess. It takes great effort by the DPW to respond to backed-up sewer blockages, determine where the problem is and who is responsible, then to fix the problem.  

If you must use an alternative to toilet paper, set up a dedicated container for the disposal of the used items. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Additional Links:

MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Ware Street map and index
Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Fact Sheet
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