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Massachusetts is the only State in the USA to dedicate a program of services to its resident, eligible, veteran population. In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, MGL Chapter 115, each city and town in the Commonwealth is represented by a resident Veterans Service Officer also known as a Veterans' Agent. Smaller communities are combined into a district and administered accordingly.

There are two sources of benefits and services available to eligible veterans in Massachusetts. The first, which is familiar to all veterans, is the Federal Program commonly known as VA benefits. The second source is a State-sponsored program that provides needy, eligible veterans and their dependents, with financial and/or medical assistance. Additional information is outlined on this website under Programs.

The primary mission and responsibility of the local Veterans' Agent is to advise and assist resident veterans and their dependents in availing themselves of Federal and/or State benefits for which they may be eligible; also, to perform varied duties in disbursing and administering the State veterans services program of financial and/or medical benefits referred to above.

The eligibility criteria for State and Federal benefits vary according to source and type of benefit. Inquires pertaining to eligibility should first be directed to the local Agent who will provide particulars or refer the matter to a more knowledgeable source. Inquiries are recommended and encouraged either by telephone or e.mail as noted above. Personal appointments are also available, preferably, on a call-first basis. All personal data is considered highly confidential.