2022 Paving Notice

Palmer Paving Company’s representative has notified the Public Works Department that they will be commencing work in Town beginning Monday, September 19, 2022.  Their work will begin with the pre-paving milling of the pavement surface on Church Street starting at the south entrance to Grenville Park and proceeding north to the walking trail crossing.  Following the completion of the milling work on Church Street an asphalt leveler course will be installed along with curbing to be followed by the asphalt surface course.  Restriping of the centerline stripes will take place shortly after the final pavement has been installed.

Palmer Paving Company’s milling equipment will be transferred to Chestnut Street once its work on Church is completed.  All of Chestnut Street is scheduled for pre-paving milling.  Once completed it will be followed up with the installation of an asphalt leveler course and the installation of curbing.  Following the curbing installation, the asphalt surface course will be installed with restriping of the centerline stripes to follow.

Additionally, the following streets are scheduled to receive pre-paving milling and repaving.

Pleasant Terrace, Vlontis Avenue, Mattson Boulevard, Boivin Avenue, Gould Street, Webb Court, and Buckley Court.

Residential on street parking between 6:30 AM and 5:00 PM will not be allowed while work is taking place and vehicle access will be limited.  EXPECT DELAYS!!!